Repose, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

renoir repose

Repose, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Yesterday the song birds sang from their stage.
Much joy in their dance brought tear to my eye.
Today the fog rolls in. I’m in my cage.
Alone with my dark thoughts, ready to cry.

Yesterday the Bittersweet did challenge,
Now it rests calmly in the compost pile.
Today the worst of demons seek revenge,
The last thing they want from me is a smile.

Yesterday was so surrounded in blue,
Platycodon so many, now a weed.
Today I sit silent bidding ado
To the fog. There is little chance I’ll succeed.

Forlorn searched hard for yesterdays’ song bird,
Did find their sign in tree – do not disturb.


It appears to me that the days between dark poems I write are getting less and less while the time I spend receiving medical care is more and more.  There is something wrong here.  Laugh to myself when I saw this Renoir painting, Repose.    When things go bad that is what I do.  I sit.  But it is not relaxing.






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