Reverie, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz




Reverie, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The tenebrous sky welcomes reverie.
This melancholy is due to weakness,
Of my heart, lost love causes revery.
Books of the heart do not make happiness.

Poems I read did not my spirits rise.
The tears brought forth were not by heartfelt joy.
One so strong starts to kindle. Then it dies.
Do I chase the faux that’s not to enjoy?

Still in my heart is a love that beats true.
Yet did lose him to who thinking I am.
Paid the price for the change I tried to do.
Tis I who must change to remove this dam.

Love is like a rope, strength within its weave.
Love is stronger tied in knot, neither leave.
Camille Corot paints a young woman of deep thought in this painting which he titled Reverie, which is an abstracted state of absorption. The costume the model wears is south eastern European which I could find no reason for it. If she is in deep thought and has been reading a book she must be thinking about some form of change in her life. At her age what else is there but love. My thinking is if you are in love with someone you do not try to recast that person. You accept their love as-is. However, that is not to say if there is a fear of a potential lost then you should change. If your lover really cares it will become obvious and there will be a discussion. It might just me that no change is required it is only in your head.






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