Snowbird, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz



The view of the morning creates a chill
The golden leaves now brown fall to the ground
The lawn once green is now coated in white
The songbirds once plenty are out of sight
No music to stir not even a sound
No morning glories to give me a thrill

Like me the lazy sun gets up later
A crawling mosaic through naked limbs
Not making it above the trees ‘til lunch
The pond is blackened the koi in a bunch
No longer do the ducks chatter their hymns
From the bushes pokes a giant antler

Like the many geese I shall fly away
To a place known for abundant sunshine
Where the sugary sand tickles my toes
Where sunscreen always needed for my nose
Where in the evening outside we can dine
Where we watch the sunset as palm trees sway

2 thoughts on “Snowbird, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

  1. Anita

    Another wonderful poem, Bob..
    Hope to see you and Carolyn before your trip south to become two of those “Snowbirds”
    Hopefully lunch this week


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