Soldier and Death, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Soldier and Death

Soldier and Death, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Embers within my heart no longer glow.
Events past with you, mine a clouded view.
So difficult for me to picture you.
Thought that forever you would be my beau.
That through the years together we would grow.
The world has changed, yet I don’t have a clue.
Words to save us pain wish I only knew.
It is hard for me to bring such sorrow.

Dearest darling it gives me no comfort,
Knowing that you are struck with such great pain.
Must be brief, believe the French word is mort
As for our relationship there’s no strain,
Soon my box will be stacked aboard at port.
Rest assured darling, you didn’t cause this bane.


Have never been a fan of war.  Always believed that there are only losers in wars, and they are usually the young and disinterested.  Here we have a case of two sweethearts torn apart by World War I.  The young male is about to die when he gets a Dear John letter.  You probably pick up in the language that it is all about her.  The soldier more or less blows off the letter with a “What am I going to worry about:  loosing a girlfriend or my life?”  In the end he lost both.  I think changed a lot when Vietnam came along.  Seeing body bags on the 6 o’clock news put many on edge.  War is horrible.



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