Study from Nature, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Durand-Study from Nature

Study from Nature, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Part of Nature I will forever be,
If consumed by those who shall follow me.
Do not think that I am only a tree,
But rather to be part of history.

Over the many long years did I stand,
Being buffeted by the wind and sand.
Remain tall was my internal command,
Until the day that I failed to be grand.

Here on my side unable to respire,
Possibility of kindling for fire.
Unless there be another’s great desire,
To create things others seek to acquire.

Is my wisdom that I am here to share,
If fail to heed my warning then beware.

Asher B. Durand did this painting “Study from Nature, Stratton Notch, Vermont” sometime before 1907.   What Durand is studying, the need to developing skills to do a painting more grand this this one. I find this painting captivating. I see a fallen tree in the foreground and Durand has created a path through the mountains to or away from the tree.  It is a relatively new fall as the leaves are still attached.  By the splintering it appears that it was not the victim of a lumberjack’s ax.

Walking in the woods I come across countless fallen trees.  Some mossed over and some being bleached by the sun.  They once stood tall doing what Nature expended of them. But like all living things there must be an end.  So here we have a tree that is not stranding tall but still has something of value to give to the world.



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