Tell Me More, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Tell Me More, by Ron Hicks

Tell Me More
by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

‘Twas inquired by current lady if she
Be sole occupant of my heart this day.
It is true be your eyes have hold of me
And it is at your breast I want to stay.

I play her not, for there in my heart will
Forever be her spot. But love to me
Requires special care, that of surgeon skill
As I love ‘ery shell wash’d from the sea.

Tis not conquest nor bequest be garnered
But the rich reward of women’s embrace.
Knowing I will not be holy martyred
As I search for each woman’s unique grace.

Life is not as carefree appears to be,
Return bridge often is on fire for me.

The questions of what is love and more specifically can I love more than more one woman at a time.  The answer is yes if you accept that there can be different kinds of love.  There is only one word in the English language for a complex emotion that involves complex feelings toward another being.  Here I exclude “I love vanilla ice cream.”  My thoughts only apply to other humans.  In this poem I don’t claim the speaker to me; however, at moments in writing the poem it did feel as if I was writing about myself.  I love my wife for we are one.  She provides with comfort like no other woman has or ever could.  I love my grandchildren for they give me a reason to live, to see them grow, their tenderness and genuineness of spirit.  I have friends who I truly love because they have a calming influence in my turbulent mind.  I love being with them sharing a commodity that is so priceless: time.  This last word brings me to be a true measure of love. The willingness to spend time with someone you profess to love.  That is the point I make in my poem for tomorrow.  So please return.

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