The Bower Meadows, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


The Bower Meadows, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Thee pluck strings if attached to thine own heart.
Thee sing of love yet thou heart is silent.
Does thou now choose to silently repent?
Hast thou love abruptly chose to depart?
What ailment hinders so help to impart?
This emptiness of heart thee must relent,
For thy heart and pure soul be resplendent.

The man who I see pledged love totally,
Is I with doubt about eternity.
I weigh and measure, it sounds so silly.
Is this action against love cruelty?
It is just that the heart acts not surely.
What if my feelings prove to be faulty?


There is a question the I am proposing in this poem.  When do we know its love?  Often, the young a physically attracted.  Biological pairing is at work. As we get older other factors come into play.  But here we have a young woman who is not sure.  She neither talks positively or negatively about the person she is seeing, dating, or whatever, term you choose.  Her friend is trying help by coaxing it out of her with a series of questions.

The sad young lady respond and finally admits she is afraid.  Her issue is she just doesn’t want to take a chance on love.  Maybe she was hurt before.  The model to the right, the one I’ve referred to as the sad one is Alexa Wilding.  Although beautiful many painters complained that was her normal expression.


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