The Cliff Walk at Pourville, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Monet-Cliff Walk at Pourville

The Cliff Walk at Pourville, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Sister Blanche did not God create this place?
For us to spend in quiet devotion?
In the breeze I feel His heavenly grace.
Listen, He speaks to us from the ocean.

Sister Marthe we are fortunate no doubt,
And I try to be true in emotion.
I wonder what the world is all about,
To see beyond the crest of the ocean.

Sister Blanche of drowning have you no fear?
Why must you be so eager to depart?
To forego having our family near?
A new life that you’d be required to start?

Marthe, is God who calls, that I move forward,
For the wind and the sea both speak His word.

Claude Monet painted this restful work in 1882.  It is not know for sure who the two young ladies are, but I chose to use the names of his future wife’s daughters.  The balance and color freezes your eyes to this painting.  Understanding that the ratio of height and width on screen may vary from the actual painting but I held a piece of paper lower left corner to upper right corner.  And what falls on that line, the red umbrella.  The horizon also bisects the umbrella.  The sky takes up about a third of the canvas giving the viewer a comfortable position.

The two sisters are like so many of us, at opposite ends of the spectrum on issues.  But here the issue is what does God want us to do?  If you are a person of faith you probably have asked that question of yourself.  We all have different callings.  And if we are not sure we have to listen.  He will call.

One last point.  Did you notice that in the couplet I dropped the Sister?  It was done on purpose.  Blanche was just asking to many questions.  I can’t raise my voice with paper.





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