The Cloud – Preface

The poem that I posted yesterday, The Cloud, started here at the Church of Our Saviour in Killington, Vermont and for this reason I dedicate it to this beautiful church for providing the inspiration.  The specific inspiration can be seen in the stained glass windows behind the alter.  Notice each pane has a circle with a red background.  The one to the left is a bundle of wheat, the miAlterddle one has a crown with a cross within it, and the one to the right has a bunch of grapes.  What we have are symbols of a new covenant.  By dying on the cross, Jesus became king of a dominion.  He gave up this Body symbolized by the wheat which will be made into bread and His Blood symbolized by the grapes which will be made into wine.  It is through the work of human hands that this kingdom exists.  Remember that God sent is only Son to us as a human to live, suffer, and to die as a human.  It was Jesus’ faith in God the Father as a human that opened the path to heaven.  As Saint Paul said it is our faith in Jesus that will save us.

Just as the man in the poem I was moved by the Spirit to tell a story of faith.  A resourceful man who was called upon by God to do something with no guarantee. He got old and so did I.  If you know some thing about my poems you know I love the sonnet.  Fourteen lines only to tell the story.  Tough, but no filler allowed.  I have tried not to be fancy and flowery with filler material.  To tell the story took 164 lines.  That is almost a dozen sonnets.  Please read The Cloud.  Think about the poem and digest it.  There will be questions and I will try my best to explain why I used the words I did. If there is confusion I will try to remove it.  I am thinking email would be the best way to communicate.  Name used is for courtesy purposes only.  Do not like using Dear Sir or Madame or Hey You.

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