The Summer Rose


The Summer Rose, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

This joyous month of June and here thou art,
The most beautiful of those before me.
Chivalry is my approach from the start,
As before I’ve been taken to my knee.

Your beauty excels beyond all others,
Yet thorny can thy disposition be,
Forcing some to invoking their druthers.
That will not however be true of me.

Study thee have I from both near and far,
As well as history and pedigree,
To avoid a fearful motive to spar,
For my wish is to hold you breathlessly.

With two hands I caress thee ev’r softly,
Looking upward, dreaming of us warmly.

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The question of today’s poem is obvious, is the speaker talking about a rose or a woman? I’ll leave that up to you.  But to look at the young lady in the painting I’d think it would not be a rose.  The creator of this so gentle beauty is Frenchman Emile Vernon (1872-1919) who was born in Blois, France.  His birthplace in on the Loire River that run up to Orleans and on to Provins where roses were grown for their oils to make perfume.  This may be why he painted so many beautiful woman with roses.  The thought that entered my mind was why did Emile dedicate so much time to painting women in such fine detail?  And why didn’t he join the Impressionist movement?  I think the answer lies in his mentor, William Bouguereau, whose favorite theme was “Son thème de prédilection est la représentation du corps féminin.”  He painted women. There is little written about Emile Vernon.  No one has ever published his biography that I can find.  It could be that his short life of 47 years was just a simple life but for sure he left his footprint. The link below will provide you with additional views of Emile’s work.

Emile Vernon

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