The Top of the Hill, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Top of the Hill

The Top of the Hill, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

There is a certain feeling that you get,
When you cast your eyes everywhere and think,
With a tight broad smile this is now private.
The fence will be rugged made with chained link.

Your summer retreat, a place to protect.
Each day you walk to the top of the hill.
Wonder where best to start the huge project.
Season is done and no decision still.

Warmth, song bird, friends and you have all returned.
Up the hill, you stop at the old tired gate.
About the fence, you will not be concerned.
If there is to be one, it’ll have to wait.

The top of the hill is meant to be free,
So all the great beauty there all can see.

This painting was done by Frank Vincent DuMond while in Old Lyme Connecticut.  Attempted research the painting but there is a paucity of information so I had to climb into Mr. DuMond’s mind and capture his thoughts.  Let me make a point why museums are so important.  They give access to the public, people like you and me, to great works of art.  If only the rich had the art locked up in their estates only a choice few would ever get to see these treasures of the past and that of course is the theme of my poem.  When I walked up to Mr DuMond’s The Top of the Hill I said, “There is a poem here,” to my wife.  I was correct for it is here.

The Florence Griswold Museum    is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon as you can enjoy the grounds as well as the art inside the museum and boarding house.  Part of this poem was thought out sitting in the Adirondack chairs placed by the Lieutenant River,







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