The Wind

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The Wind, Robert A, Sieczkiewicz

Cannot see thee, but thee are surely here,
As thee can speak to me violently,
Yet not a word of thee enters my ear,
And still thy force guides me decidedly.

Thy power commands that the trees whistle
Songs, which touch people in varying ways,
Some songs so dire, a want of dismissal,
Others so gentle, people ask delays.

Thy power commands the water to take
Shape. Normally flat, it jumps at thy call.
The stronger thy call, the larger the wave.
If thy call be soft, the wave shall be small.

Wind, with all thy mighty power will thee,
Guide, the only love of my life to me.


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Read by Rob Sieczkiewicz


I chose this painting by Winslow Homer for one reason.  The broken mast.  It is not the water that is in control of this man’s life.  It may take it, but it is the power of the wind.  If the wind calms down and is favorable, meaning that it blows in the right direction, just maybe, the wind will blow him back to the one he loves.  And from a religious perspective the wind is God acting upon His people.  In one gospel Peter and other disciples are in a boat that is being tossed about and Jesus calms the sea.  Some times people do no like what their God does and other times they do, but in the end the continue to ask for favors.

Winslow is frequently noted for his painting of the sea but his range is much wider than that.  Having been a young boy once, it is possible one day I will tackle his “Boys in a Pasture.”  I can smell the hay on the small farm that I grew up on. On second thought the smell of the chicken manure remains stronger.


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