To Myself, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

To Myself Ron Hicks

To Myself, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Don’t dare to affix your name to my heart.
Over time list got long and all were wrong.
Let us be candid from the very start.
Spare the words, my feelings are more than strong.
Time will be for us the enduring test.
As two tender vines intertwine grow tall,
Shall we persist through our painstaking quest,
Able to claim that we bested them all.
When you think of me, lips will be silent,
Let your words be spoken by daily deeds.
Gifts not, when in sorrow be ev’r present,
It is I with heart with awkward needs.
Mysterious this may appear to be,
No more rewarding love ever to see.


When first coming across this Ron Hicks painting I was confused. If I had but one word to use to explain the painting it would be disheveled.   Coming back to it because I felt there was a feeling of sorrow being expressed in her body language.  She is not peering in fear as her eyes are boldly open and yet she has positioned her hands over her heart as to offer it protection.  The light is coming from her left.  Is she looking out the window or is someone sitting there?  Is she alone?  If she is alone it is not be choice as it goes against human nature.  Having studied many of Hicks’ painting he paints with a feeling for love so when writing about this woman I went with love.  I will leave to the reader to decide if someone was with her or was she setting out the rules for her next relationship should it happen.

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