Touring the Ottauquechee River



Touring the Ottauquechee River

My two tour guides, aptly lead this old man
To river’s edge. Without hesitation
They go from stone to stone. I’ve yet began.
What fear have I to cause this cessation.

Advice was given, water would not reach
my knee. A small hand now was extended,
to move me not as a crutch, but to teach.
Regrettably, soon the crossing ended.

We scoured the banks looking for memories,
With stones a plenty and flowers for mom,
my guides attention so turned to cookies.
Our return to the house was filled with calm.

The stones and flowers will soon lose their way,
My heart will ever remember this day.


The above painting was done by William R Davis of the Ottauquechee River which is a tributary of the Connecticut River and flows behind the escape cottage of my son and daughter-in-law.    On occasion I have the opportunity to  spend quality time there with my two youngest granddaughters.  Part of that time is spent down at the river’s edge.  Neither is fearful of the water which scares me at times.

It should be obvious that the stones are stepping stones to knowledge and here the tables are turn on the old man.  Youth teaches the old man a few things about nature.  Youth has taken over.  As they play they display their thoughts of how things should be.



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