What Name Shall We Propose


What Name Shall We Propose, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz
March howling winds and blanketing snow gone.
Rebirth with April shower coaxed me out,
To the spot where seed planted will be born,
With fingers, cleared leaves, felt soil heat, saw sprout.

Prostrate upon the ground my heat did breathe,
On the cotyledon. Yes, I am here,
To protect and put  in place bell jar sheathe,
So you can grow strong without any fear.

The sun in June pulls you upward to her.
Waxen serrated leaves are flawless skin,
I drop oil on them to keep you ev’r pure.
Your peak bud is when your life shall begin.

Oh! Such beauty! What name shall we propose?
It can be no other than Amber Rose!


There is no painting to discuss that goes with this poem.  It is a poem that I wrote to a close friend as a remembrance of her late daughter.  When I was into roses it was my hope to hybridize an orange-yellow rose and name it Amber Rose.  It never happen, so the least I could do is write a poem and share it  to keep the spirit of a young beautiful woman alive.

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