Young Woman of Sparta, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Young Women of Sparta, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

While the three graces dance, dormant I lay.
Heart grows weary waiting for my lover.
Always true to me is what he will say,
And yet without reason I will suffer.

When I play a love song the tears begin
To fall. Of late is never a duet.
Tawdry laughter is much to my chagrin.
And in the end will it be my regret?

My lute lays silent ’til love signs do prove
Is I only who resides in his heart.
Be known when his clear eyes do my heart move,
And when sun is set nev’r are we apart.

On my lute do downy music we make.
Gently it moves keeping our love awake.


This is a Camille Corot painting and the model is Emma Dobigny who I mentioned in an earlier blog.  I chose this painting for thee reasons.  Corot was severely criticized for his mixed era painting.  Here he has the three graces and a lonely lover in current fashions when the painting was done yet he beckons back a millennium at least.  However, he does include symbolism accepted in that period, that being the the cittern or lute representative of external female genitalia.  Finally Emma, little is know about her other than she died at the age of 74.

I can see why Corot put the Three Graces in the painting. They add support to what the painting means.  Everything they represent is lacking in the foreground of the painting.  It reminds me of the old Lesley Gore song, It’s my party………….. and I’ll cry if I want to






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