Young Woman Weaving a Wreath of Flowers, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Corot-youngwomanweaving wreath of flowers

Young Woman Weaving a Wreath of Flowers, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Angry cannons in the hills spit their fire
Seeking to destroy the love of my life.
Morning time brings carts laden with much dire,
Around each cart swirling anguish is rife.

In my womb with husband’s very first child,
Given no notice, fear of distraction.
As such great notice, he would be beguiled.
My secret, ’til his return from action.

Each day is weaving a wreath of flowers.
For the father of our child safe return.
Giv’n it to Virgin with heaven’s powers,
For him to see his child I truly yearn.

Should upon the cart one day see his face,
He will wear the wreath to heavenly grace.

I have been spending some time getting to know Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot through this paintings, one of which is used to write the above poem of the same name. It appears to me that the sweet round young face captured in the painting is Emma Dobigny. Could not find any actual source given credit to her for the sitting. However, as a point of interest she sat for more painting by Corot than any other model. There were rumors about late visits by her to his studio long after good painting light had ceased. The same was said about Emma and Degas.   Soon I use an Corot painting for another poem and Emma again is the model.  The mood is quite a bit different.

I was moved by the painting’s softness. Not only in color but mood.  In examining painting I search for symbols here there is but one. The symbolism of eternal love in the wreath she is making. From that I let my heart fly.

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