Girl in White, a poem by Robert A Sieczkiewicz

Maurer Alfred Henry = Girl In White 1901Girl in White, Alfred Henry Maurer (1901)

Girl in White, Robert A Sieczkiewicz

She stands unsteady in front of the doors,
Who is there she is not really sure.
Her thinking it be the one she adores,
But hesitates to be his paramour.

As so many it is love that she seeks,
It is not her choice to spend life as one.
Evidence must support what words he speaks,
Should he fail she will accept they are done.

Tonight she wears pure white for a reason,
Not to ensure that the day be brighten,
But to avoid any acts of treason.
Love will be o’er before it has begun.


She is within her right to remain strong.
Even if it’s love seeks to prolong

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