I’ll Try Not to Cry

I’ll Try Not to Cry, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

I’ll try not to cry,
As my whole world rushes by.
There is not a brake,
Letting me to slow it down.
I wear a permanent frown.

I’ll try not to cry
There’s no cure for me to buy
To banish this fog
Which brings me much confusion
Causing my mind barren

I’ll try not to cry,
For all is a darkened sky.
There is no blue hue,
No bright floating cotton clouds,
No smiling attentive crowds.

I’ll try not to cry,
If this very day I die.
As what could be worse,
Than this ever present pain.
Death removes this horrid chain.

I’ll try not to cry,
The fear I cannot deny.
Wanting by my side,
The one who captured my heart,
To hold hands as I depart.

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