Impatiently Waiting

Berthe Morisot, Reading (1873)

Impatiently Waiting, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

For the magical touch given by you,
Attempting to divert my mind I read.
Love poems, which was not good choice to do,
Heart is so excited, my love do speed.

The summer dance in the past I recall,
Eager nervous for our first rendezvous.
We laughed so loud when you using my shawl,
Twirled me a round and pulled me close to you.

My heart racing fast not due to the dance.
Music played on yet we standing embraced,
Abruptly realized this was romance.
Quickly toward each other our lips raced.

You need not hurry any more my dear,
As I’ve memories of you bring me cheer.

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