Intoxication, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The full moon so bright with its bleached white light
Makes sensuous shadows in the garden
Of the many flowers as they embrace
Dancing slowly to a song I can’t hear.
Their steady movement into the warm air
Sends ruffled ribbons of many flavors
Slowly encircling my lost dreamy head
So willingly I drink of every one.
Spinning is my intoxicated head
Queueing each of the sweet suggestive scents.
Holding the one that reminds me of her
Squeezing my eyes closed if to hold her tight.
If only she were here to share this night
To quench my desert thirst for her sweetness.
Oh this burning feeling I hold inside
Wondering why her scent remains with me.
In the shadows beneath the willow tree
Courage is gathered to open my eyes.
If in a dream wishing there to remain
But the lingering scent provided thoughts.
Between me and the full moon there she stood.
The moon light filtered through her hair of gold
With extended velvet hands she beckons.
In her fragrance I am now enveloped.

1 thought on “Intoxication

  1. Carolyn F Hansen

    Beautiful images! As I was reading, I felt I was in the garden enjoying the many scents. Lovely.


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