Love is a Candle

Love is a Candle, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

I rub my eyes and shake my heavy head.
No dim shadows on these walls do I see,
No single sound made to enter my ear.
I’m motionless uncovered in my bed.

Many thoughts I chase around in my mind,
As dog after a hare for its dinner.
Round and around only to catch my tail,
For my question no answer did I find.

Today follows yesterday I am sure,
But future happenings remain unknown.
Life is a puzzle we build piece by piece.
As in my yesterday I shall endure.

For as did yesterday the sun shall shine,
Even if to be hidden from my view.
But there are other ways to make days bright.
The way I endure is the love in mine.

Love, there’s no easy way to make it last,
As it’s a candle, easy to go out.
A question I struggle with every night,
How to ensure love shall remain steadfast.

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