Moon Night

Ivan Aivazovsky, Moon Night (1885)

Moon Night, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The wind like a sweeping broom
Wish, swish, rattling every dish
Providing sounds of looming doom
Clouds so fearful begin to weep
What object to overcome such gloom?
Every given answer is “Not I.”
Even the voices from the tomb
Yield for fear to be exhumed
Through the day all stayed at bay
Allowing the wind to have its way
Finally comes the end of day
Now above their many heads
They take notice of the full moon
Gleaming bright with a silly grin
Taking control of what’s below
Giving an eye to the nasty wind
Which falls softly as a lamb
All is quiet in this night
It is now time under the covers
That all heads shall be out of sight

1 thought on “Moon Night

  1. Carolyn F Hansen

    Wow What an impressive poem. I could hear the thunderous wind sweeping across the ocean bringing feelings of doom and gloom if the night is dark. In the daylight, I love to hear the wind wiping along our pond, creating interesting waves while the trees sway mightily in their dance for balance. Hurricane season is upon us. I’m sure it wont be as delightful watching the tress get pounded. Instead I’ll be fearful they will come down on the house!


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