New Series of poetry e-books by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

First e-book

The first e-book in the new My Ten Cent Poems series will be 30 poems where the basis for the poetry will be the artistic works and life of Edvard Munch. His iconic work The Scream is known worldwide. Munch was a complex individual creating extensive opportunities for a poet. Throughout his life Edvard Munch struggled between love and work. I shall capitalize on this conflict in my poems.

Why “My Ten Cent Poems?”

The plan is to put poems into chapbooks consisting of twenty to forty poems. At ten cents per poem the plan will be to sell each e-book for $2.00 to $3.00 USD. It is hoped that those who enjoy my poetry will purchase some of the chapbooks to help defray the cost incurred in maintaining my blog.

Planned Schedule

At this point my plan on rolling out these chapbooks is to produce one per month. I have estimated that this will be done over the next three years. The poetic form will vary based on the need to making a compelling argument. However, as in the past foundations for each poem will be built on a image and the history of the period.

Minimizing downtime

My blog will need to come down for a period which I hope will be short. The blog will have a new look that will allow readers to move around the blog more efficiently. And of course there will be a store where you will be able to purchase a few e-books.

Final thought

Making printed books available was given much thought. However, producing them would reduce research and writing time. Therefor at this point no printed chapbooks are planned. It is my hope that you will follow me and cheer me on. I have written out a basic plan so there is no backing down now.

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