Obession a major human flaw

Obsession, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

I have gravely sinned.
A touch of the sultry wind.
I’m without reason.
My senses are all awry.
This lust I cannot deny.
Her soft scent leads the attack.
She isn’t yet in view,
As if she’s “The Devil’s Breath.”
There will be no angel’s death.
She’s on a mission.
Before me takes position,
Displaying her smile.
I stand frozen like Lot’s wife,
Salt for the rest of my life?
Unlike poor Daphne,
I shan’t be a static tree.
My branches shall clutch,
Whom I wantonly desire.
Ravishing her as I’m fire.
What’s there to explain,
Behavior labeled insane?
Work of the Devil,
Or a more natural cause?
Controlled by my human flaws!

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