Portrait of Henriette Girshman

Henrietta, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

A piercing look is so tantalizing,
Inviting me her body to explore,
To experience what I haven’t before.
An arousal I have been long wishing!

Such excitement for her as I’m painting,
As my pounding heart beat begins to roar.
This stress unable to take anymore.
How much time will I be weakly waiting?

Will I always feel her breath behind me?
Standing as if she is a prison guard,
Watching over the king’s priceless treasure.

Not able to let passions to be free,
To have what is before me I am barred.
Today there’ll be no reaping of pleasure!

2 thoughts on “Portrait of Henriette Girshman

  1. Carolyn F Hansen

    Beautiful poem but I don’t see her look as an invitation. Surly the artist us smitten.


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