Psyche Opening the Golden Box, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Psyche Opening the Golden Box, Robert A Sieczkiewicz

Oh Psyche is this love that so ails me?
So difficult for love is a feeling.
First I must study outward signs showing.
At times you appear to be so happy,
While others so sad I want not to see,
‘Twas today so afraid was alarming,
Within hour was surprised so disarming,
Your behavior shows no consistency.

What I observed is human emotions.
Not visible to me is your feeling.
Love can cause this visible commotions.
What you must understand is your longing.
Love creates for each, unique conditions.
It is Love with feeling of belonging.


Here I return to a painting by John William Waterhouse entitled Psyche Opening the Golden Box, done in 1903. Originally I was going to use Pandora, because of the story content; however, the love story between Psyche and Cupid offered me an opportunity to give a partial view of my thoughts and understanding of the most complex human feeling – love. I am not the speaker. It may be Psyche trying to answer her own question. It must be remembered that Psyche was human, subject to its frailties. But the speaker is not relevant to the point of this poem. I use the Petrarchan sonnet here to show the six basic human emotions of happy, sad, afraid, surprised, angry and disgusted, which was not included because some studies link it with angry. I did come across one study that combined afraid and surprised. Whether you look at 4 or 6 we are looking at overt facial expressions. What we cannot see are people’s feelings. What we say to them, even how we say it can hurt both of the receiver and the sender. It may not invoke emotion from the receiver but may have a deep everlasting feeling. Case in point. I once called my grandmother who I love dearly a Witch. That was over 60 years ago and I still feel the pain in my heart. She showed no emotions. But I know she was deeply hurt.
Even when you have a deep everlasting feeling of love for someone that loved one can bring out all of the human emotions I have listed about. That does not mean that it will weaken that love. Emotions in my thinking are temporary. How long does happy last when you buy a new pair of shoes.
Love creates unique situations, not all love pairings are the same, so there cannot be any general theory on love. But for sure there is one characteristic shared by those who are in love. They find a place in their heart for that special person. A special warning: Love can cause scar tissue in your heart.
Please note and you can check my past writing. I will never use the phrase “true love.” Can I be in the state of “false love?” Or maybe I am in a state of “unlove.” You are either in love or not in love. Love is like a candle it is lit or not. Nor will we confuse infatuation with love.




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