Reflective Sunrise

Warren Sheppard, Reflective Sunrise (c 1885)

Reflective Sunrise, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The orange ball in view beyond the blue,
Is my partner to show the straight away.
Talk not do we but the signs ever true.
Wisp of red is above my head this day.

Twice per day does the froth clear my view,
Of a history now to be forgotten.
The morning does show four, two beside two,
Small next to large have I seen so often.

All in all do they in equal stride,
Then to hurriedly change to toe meets toe.
Cadence doth repeat while the froth does bide.
Swiftly they are halfed. Why? Only to know?

Search as I may, the small not for me to see,
While the large are now pointing to the sea.

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