Sleeping Beauty, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Sleeping Beauty, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

If to kiss thee, would there be recompense?
Silent thou yet be, my love for thee grows.
Status quo itself a just reward hence,
To caress thy beauty while thou repose.

Should thou awake, my love be rejected,
Of my heart cause unnecessary harm.
Not confident love be early tested,
Questioning if there be adequate charm.

What a fool so easily dissuaded,
Thy beauty alone to be embolden,
As this heart can’t be forever bided,
Now must be the time to do my bidden,

Love can’t be, between me and thy picture,
It shall be my task to make thy heart stir.


You would have had to spend your whole life under a rock not to know the story of Sleeping Beauty.  I came across this painting and it was labeled as Sleeping Beauty.  After researching the painting I found it to be Le Repos or Resting done by Victor Gabriel Gilbert, circa 1890.  For my poem I said with Sleeping Beauty because it is true.  The young woman is a sleeping beauty.




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