“Lady at her Toilette” by Berthe Morisot. 1875.

Stolen, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

You’re a heartless thief
Stealing far beyond belief
Something I held dear
Without it I cannot live
You I’m never to forgive

Forever to mourn
Forever to be forlorn
There’ll be no comfort
For me be it night or day
I was nothing but your prey

Thinking it a toy
To give you malicious joy
Leaving me bereft
How could I be so naive
To many tales you did weave

It is clear, my fate
There’s no need for me to wait
Never to return
Though an effort to cajole
My precious love which you stole

1 thought on “Stolen

  1. Carolyn

    Your interpretation of the painting is an interesting one. So sad but true for young girls everywhere. In those days a woman’s reputation was evverything. Once soiled, she wouldn’t be able to secure a good marriage. You see her as despondent while I see her as a young woman just returned from a ball, and day dreaming of the handsome man she met.


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