Sweet Taste of the Medlar

Jan Jansz van de Velde, Quinces and Medlars on a Table Ledge (circa 1650)

Sweet Taste of the Medlar, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Watching the field come alive for it’s spring
In the warmth of the sun I pass the tree
A very special tree with birds who sing
Soft love songs made especially for me

The white blossoms now gone I see its fruit
Of its bounty there’s one who halts my eye
With a round dimple face that’s more than cute
For her there’s a desire I can’t deny

Throughout the long summer I watch her grow
An anxious youth waiting for her to blet
The wait too long for the coming of snow
It is then when her growth will be complete

Thrilled to see the white dusting on the ground
This is the signal I’ve long waited for
In repeated joyous song do expound
To a taste not experienced before


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