The Activity of Love

Ilya Repin, Leo Tolstoy in His Study (1891)

This basis for the poem below:

The activity of love offers such difficulties that its manifestations become not only painful, but often impossible………..Leo Tolstoy

The Activity of Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

She will forever be a part of me,
Ensconced permanently within my mind.
Guarded are thoughts never able to flee,
Nor to the outside world able to find.

Though my many thoughts of her cause much pain.
There’s no cure to gain by human reason,
Or warrant to declare I am insane,
For not willing these vivid thoughts to shun.

I’m eternally doomed for loving her.
For unyielding feelings must pay the price.
In the day it is she whom I’m after.
At night my dreams are the devil’s device

Like Sisyphus I’m treated the same way.
No rock. In thoughts of her I dwell each day.

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