The Chain I Carry

The Chain I Carry, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Around this neck I wear an iron chain.
Of its number of links is still unknown.
It exists only to make me insane,
For a love that will never be my own.

From its crushing weight I often descend,
Prostrated upon the dark frozen ground.
Tormented by what it is I offend.
There will be no tears, nor a single sound.

In my mind she shall be eternally,
As if her vision has been carved in stone.
From this love I shall never to be free.
Without her my choice is to be alone.

Another link for every thought of her.
No matter the weight I shall not deter.

1 thought on “The Chain I Carry

  1. Carolyn

    Such torment. Some people can’t or won’t remove those chains that bind them. They stay stuck and can’t move on. It must be dear that keeps them stuck.


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