The Invisible, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Invisible

The sultry summer’s setting sun sent rays,
Into the belly of the cool damp bridge,
Where cavemen left their colored painted sprays,
Along with their smelly stacks of garbage.
The discarded urine stained mattresses,
In a row abutting jambs of cut stone,
Offering shelter for long tailed creatures.
It won’t be long before they’re not alone.
Up above the howling freight train rumbles,
Shaking the ground below as would a quake,
And into the river it sends ripples,
With such horror the dead it would awake.
It is silent now the train is distant.
The tired sun slides behind the horizon.
Missing occupants will make their descent.
This day of misery is almost done.
Their shoes against the gravel can be heard.
In their step seems as if there’s heavy weight.
The air reeks of aches. No one speaks a word.
It’s not known if on this day any ate.
All are absorbed into total darkness.
Each struggles with an internal battle.
Seeing tomorrow they are not anxious,
To walk the streets being invisible.

2 thoughts on “The Invisible, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

  1. Melveta Shutt

    You nailed that one!! Glad you are still writing. Are you two at CW or did you close out last season?? Hope you both are hanging in there. We are. Tom has had a tough year. He is at home in a hospital bed with my care. He quit getting up and now too weak. He has lost a lot of muscle mass because he isn’t moving much. I try to get him sitting up bedside once or twice a day to eat.
    Tell your sweet wife I send a hello!!
    Take care and keep moving!!

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