The Kite, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Sims, Charles, 1873-1928; The Kite

The Kite, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz
Happy day, got some paper, sticks and string.
Not looking for any special design.
When we are together I’d want to sing.
There would be no doubt that it would be mine.

First time together there was so much fun.
So majestic, what a beautiful kite.
Special paint made you glisten in the sun.
My heart was so moved to see you in flight.

Little by little the string did you tug.
Felt not a choice for fear of losing you.
Feed you more string with only a mere shrug.
Before I knew you were beyond my view.

We are tethered but no song do I sing,
Still not knowing what to do with the string.

Charles Henry Sims painted The Kite in 1904.  When I first saw this painting I thought it was the work of Frank Weston Benson.  Similar but the works of Benson I like have a much looser brush stroke.  Below I offer Summer 1909 by Benson.  It must have been the white dress that I focused on for I am crazy about white dresses in painting.  It amazes me how the great artists can give such depth to objects in white.

I had wished that the woman had been flying the kite because I had thought about the poem before seeing the painting.  Not sure what Sims was thinking about when he did this painting.  He was a troubled man who ended up taking his own life.  Maybe the kite was a symbol of his life getting away from him and he had no control over it. I take that thought and put in on safer grounds where two people are drifting apart.





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