The Potato Eaters, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


The Potato Eaters, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Twas early morning leaving the city.
Velvet fog scurried from my horse’s hoof,
Which soon pulled up lame. Oh such a pity.
Nearby I did see a house with thatched roof.

Approaching I did hear a rhythmic sound.
A man with hoe worked meticulously,
Moving the dark rich soil to the green mound.
Sound stopped. He looked at me curiously.

Are you sorely in need he asked of me?
It is my ailing horse was my reply.
Come rest, eat hardy with us, have some tea,
Said de Groot as if an old friend came by.

Never have I ev’r realized before,
There can be inner peace even when poor.

To Vincent Van Gogh, The Potato Eaters was his best work.  The painting was completed in 1885 and was not well received.  His choice of palette for this painting was based on the colors of unwashed potatoes.

Van Gogh was showing that even poor their was value to their lives.  It was through their efforts that the food was put on the table.  They were not beggars or families on the dole.  Even though he had deep feelings for these people he did not incorporate them with the civilized populations.

Van Gogh_-_De_hut (1)

This is the home of the de Groots who are captured in The Potato Eaters.  This thatched roof house is shared by two families.








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