To Fix a Wounded Heart, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

To Fix a Wounded Heart

To Fix a Wounded Heart

His heart wallows in the cold stoned tower
Recovering from her piercing arrow
Not again to seek her perfumed flower
Relief gained if there is no tomorrow

A moat and wall around him has been built
Guarded to keep him in and others out
Soon all things about him begin to wilt
Without her his feelings are in a drought

Lying as if lifeless upon his cot
He can hear the birds as they fly above
His memories, he can forget them not
To repair his heart he must have her love

Must fill in the moat and tear down the gate
Readying his stead to gallop away
With a posy in hand to change his fate
In the cold tower his heart will not stay

Will defend his heart to her that it’s true
Will never take their romance for granted
Will feel their romance will never be through
Will love her still, even if rejected

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