To What End

To What End, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

In the deep darkness of the night
My heart pounds louder than a drum.
Being wet with cancerous fright
Wondering what we have become.

There are bright flashes then the sound.
The tiger now seeking fresh meat.
Silhouettes falling to the ground.
There’s boundless hate upon the street.

The many symbols of the past
Falling to the revenging mob
As if a lynching death comes fast.
This gruesome scene is macabre.

The once stores are now volcanoes
Spewing fire and ash to the sky.
Will it ever cease no one knows.
Before the end must many die?

The past can never be undone.
Our future forced to wear the scars.
From toxic snakes we’ve been bitten
Now we must walk among the chars.

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