Up to the Roof

Up to the Roof, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Come! Let us dash up to the roof.
To where the many song birds cling,
Happily to rusty antlers,
And we can nearly touch the sky.

I’ve basket filled with such delights,
A blanket on which we can lie,
While watching the world’s wide wonders,
Ever changing from day to day.

Reds and oranges of the clouds,
Hides the setting sun like a shroud,
While the soft summer winds do bring,
The quiet cover of the night.

The moon shows us a wispy smile,
While diamonds wink in the darkness,
As a calmness slowly descends,
On us as we warmly embrace.

Life’s such simple joys provided.
Quiet times with the one you love.
No word ever needs to be said,
Just the tenderness of the touch.

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