Water’s Edge

Water’s Edge, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Water that’s blue green
Provides a view that is serene
As a mental wall
Of safety while on the sand
Scuffing feet while hand in hand

Seagulls sound their caw
Swirling like kites by the shore
Panhandlers with wings
Ever trying food to snare
But what we have we can’t share

The breeze off the sea
Moves her body close to me
I’m to be her shield
The joy of having her near
She says words I want to hear

Pleasure of our walks
Promises made in our talks
Sharing our futures
Thoughts of how life will unfold
And how it’ll be when we’re old

Today’s sun now sets,
With sadness but no regrets.
Now we travel home,
As we plan for our return,
To this place for which we yearn.


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