Winter Fuel, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Hardy winter-fuel


Winter Fuel, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The winter winds soon will be at my door,
Must prepare else be ev’r plagued by the cold.
Being aged does not keep me from the saw,
Work as I have there is need for tenfold.

Large is my task some help must I enlist,
For our many hands will make this light work,
Long as there be willingness to persist,
And from appointed duties will not shirk.

All that has been said is with tongue in cheek,
As much of what’s spoken falls on deaf ear.
It is the warmth of company I seek,
No greater joy is there to have them near.

Blessed with grandchildren are God’s reward,
For the many hardships which have sored.


Painting by: Frederick Daniel Hardy, Winter Fuel (c. 1880)

When looking for poetry material I found this and immediately know that this would be a grandchild poem.  More specifically a granddaughter poem.  Although there are two children in the painting the young girl is light up.  She is the center of attention.  All my grandchildren are helpful to me, offering assistance whenever they can.  But this poem is for Hope who I called Princess.


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