Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Into the woods on this whimsical day
Followed by free fluttering butterflies
They stutter around with nothing to say
But such soft beauty set before his eyes
They travel inward without given path
Jumping over trees in eternal sleep
While trying to avoid mosquitoes’ wrath
Looking all around they are very deep
Hearing the quacking of a single duck
Excited his fluttering friends took leave
While under wisteria boughs he snuck
Reaching the pond that he could not believe
A mystical place by time forgotten
Flowers of every essence to be seen
Their slow motion waves as if to beckon
To the clear water’s edge of velvet green
With precision every step is taken
For there is not a reason to be rushed
Need not a foothold to be mistaken
Fearing such splendid beauty shall be crushed

Tricky tense travel created a thirst
Throat is dry and scratchy as desert sand
Into a cupped hand water was coerced
Refreshing it is but only the first
Finally finished with getting his fill
Sat quietly listening to no sound
The birds do not sing and the trees are still
Searching but not a motion can be found
This quaking nervous tension gives a chill
Afraid that having step on sacred ground
This horrific unknown is not a thrill
Anxious that some creatures will soon surround
He who hasn’t ways of providing defense
Feels there’s evidence of fault should he run
Totally confused for nothing makes sense
What is willfully wrong what have I done
Filled with deep despair the eyes slowly close
Understanding the past he can’t undo
It is what it is he begins to doze
Dreaming of the beauty within his view

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