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Fishermen on Skagens Beach

Peder Severin Kroye, Fishermen on Skagens Beach (1884)

Fishermen on Skagens Beach, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The lighthouse guided them back to the beach
With their nets holding a bountiful catch
All avoiding but necessary speech
Knowing they’re to meet their physical match

Out of the beached vessel on to the shore
Flexing sandpaper hands they grab the lines
Tugging and grunting till couldn’t anymore
Feeling muscular pain run down their spines

Into baskets were tossed the slippy fish
To market all being carted away
But for a moment of rest is their wish
Thanking God it’s the end of a work day

Focused on aiding their muscles to mend
Knowing this tiring work will never end