The Loving Cup, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Loving Cup

The Loving Cup, Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1867)

The Loving Cup

From her loving cup do I gladly drink.
Contents requires no aphrodisiac.
Single taste takes me to euphoric brink.
A drop on my tongue there’s no turning back.

Fragrance in the cup devoids my senses.
Putty am I in the hand that feeds me,
Yet a feeling that there are no fences,
No darting impulse this amour to flee.

Between both hands holding her loving cup,
As insurance it will not get away.
For hour upon hour will wantonly sup.
Desire be no reason to ever stray.

To infinity she be my Hebe,
Her cup as the moon has captured this sea.

Love-fire that Burns Inside My Head, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Love-fire Inside My Head

Love-fire that Burns Inside My Head

There’s a love-fire that burns inside my head
Trespassing on every thought that passes
My mind is now a tangled ball of yarn
Only able to weave pictures of you

How will I be able to stay alive
Only thoughts of you I cannot survive
Confusion festers from lack of answers
For it’s unknown how you really feel

So much laughter in the moments we share
But when I get to close you run away
Taking with you my weakened tortured heart
Leaving me so helpless on life support

Should final darkness fill my mind this night
Will go willingly, a smile on my face
Knowing that I had found a special love
Though it was never given in return

Summer Night Fire, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Summer Night Fire

Summer Night Fire

Raging fire burned through the night
Every part touched did ignite
Fed by a soft summer breeze
Were the sounds of many pleas
Of your loving give me more
Though I sweat from every pore

Touch Me, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Touch Me

Touch Me

The full moon cast a perfect silhouette,
Of her standing motionless in deep thought.
This view of her for my heart was a threat,
A passionate love with her I besought.

Got ever so close but her I didn’t touch,
But close enough to feel her torrid heat.
Smoothness of her gentle curves are nonesuch,
From here I shall not make a step’s retreat.

Rushing feeling I didn’t anticipate,
As she reached back with her hand to touch me,
Creating a blood rush through the floodgate,
Commencing an adrenalized fury.

What is this power that she can command?
Is she herself an aphrodisiac?
Not so sure that I want to understand,
How she turns me into a maniac!

Heat of Desire, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Heat of DesireMysteries of Lisbon (Mistérios de Lisboa, 2010)

Heat of Desire

It is love that I fervently desire
For there is a deep ache to be with you
I am consumed by this internal fire
Such a lasting burn that I never knew

Burning hotter than the sun’s summer glow
Bursting as if a huge phosphorous flare
Every thought of you brings on greater woe
For all hours your image is always there

Capturing me with your hypnotic scent
Quickly made me unable to resist
By your endless beauty my strength was spent
From that moment on the fire did persist

I am worn to a point where now I grieve
Need you now to say our love we shall share
That a powerful love we shall conceive
Or am I doomed to a life of despair

Come My Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Come my Love 2Dans le Lit, le Baiser, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1892)

Come My Love, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Come my love to the comfort of my bed
Let me feel the tenderness of your flesh
Where not a single word needs to be said

In a moment our worries we shall shed
I’m the vine to the tree eager to mesh
Come my love to the comfort of my bed

Your fire into my heart I will embed
Kisses from your lips soon to give a rush
Where not a single word needs to be said

Into another world we shall now sled
A time for our passions to replenish
Come my love to the comfort of my bed

Your touch to be intoxicating med
Giving feelings not wanting to finish
Where not a single word needs to be said

Thoughts of you forever inside my head
Desiring your love always to be fresh
Come my love to the comfort of my bed
Where not a single word needs to be said

Stillness, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

StillnessCristina I, Pietro Annigoni (1967)


Magnetically frozen in my place,
I’m allured by the stillness of your face.
The electricity of your being,
Producing in me a calming feeling.

Who are you who has captivated me?
Holding my heart hostage with your beauty,
Before you have spoken a single word,
Confusing every thought making them blurred.

A vain attempt to understand your mood
Are you reminiscing of being wooed
Or of deeper thoughts more devotional
Surely you grasp at an intangible

Filled with desire to gain your attention
But timidly fearing your reaction
Continue to stand as a mannequin
Drinking in your beauty the best I can

Sensing that you do not know I am near
But to move a foot closer do I fear
I paint a picture of you in my heart
And with great sadness I turn to depart