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Many Thoughts of You

Many Thoughts of You, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The dawn’s energy nudges my body
While the sun rays crawls past my window shade
To wake my body, I firmly resist
For my deepest dream and I will not part

Clearing my mind of many earthly woes
That impact my body but not my soul
Thinking of deep love and my mind takes flight
Searching for your warm heart where I may light

Once inside you there is euphoria
If within another constellation
Two minds exchanging their deepest feelings
But remains a sense of separation

I need fulfillment in your human touch
To feel your breath upon my mortal skin
Experiencing joys of carnal love
To savor the taste so sweet from your kiss

You shall continue to enter my dreams
Giving me constant comfort through the night
Of past joys and desires of days to come
But the greatest joy is your tender touch