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Ludus and Eros, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Ludus and ErosLa Dame au pantin et à l’éventail, Félicien Rops (1873)

Ludus and Eros

With such joy you toyed with my hapless heart
I am but your puppet tethered on strings
Happily played with me when time was right
Then hung me on the knob behind the door

I struggled often to set myself free
But this desiring heart would have no part
Silently I await for my next chance
Not knowing if that time shall ever be

What power do you have that keeps me bound
I get the feeling that you are Ludus
And I’m woefully wounded by Eros
Doomed to ever gather dust on this knob

But wait, I hear the sound of your sweet feet
My heart starts pounding with such living joy
Is this the day I have been waiting for
I go limp as the sound I hear no more

Eros, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

ErosEros, Joseph Paelinck (1820)


Many claim Eros is a perfect shot
At one hundred yards he can split a heart
Never saw him as he took steady aim
From this day forward will not be the same

First thought was the wine going to my head
Thinking in the morn feelings I will dread
Evening ending with a soft gentle kiss
In bed, ceiling danced in euphoric bliss

Rose quickly in the morning big and bold
A sign of great desire I have been told
Jumped into my clothes as I could not wait
So eager to know want is in my fate

To her door as quickly has I could fly
She smiled, “Eros said you’d be stopping by!”