The Secret, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The SecretThe Secret, Dorothy Landau (n.d.)

The Secret

Sitting silently, just beyond her touch.
All to be heard is, the whispering wind.
O to say to her “I love you so much,
Your heart over mine shall be ever pinned!”

We would meet in, the shade of this oak tree,
To behold feelings, yet to be explained.
With each touch, helped to solve this mystery
Finally understood, our hearts were linked!

On that special day, ivy we did plant,
That to each other, we shall ever cling
Love so deep, neither ever to recant
Love so sweet, it makes all the angels sing

Pain I feel unable to kiss your nape
But from this place there will be no escape

Thoughtful Moment, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Thoughtful MomentA Thoughtful Moment, Leonardo Gasser (1871)

Thoughtful Moment

Standing here before you as if a tree
With these limbs a deep desire to caress
A woman of endless beauty I see
Whose heart am seeking permanent access

Your stare makes me wonder what you may think
Oh the aching pain when you act this way
Rigid piercing blue eyes that fail to blink
Why is it a must to keep me at bay

Do you not have the feelings that I do
Roaring fire of desire that burns inside
Chance to show every day that love be true
The rules of love forever to abide

Should you not accept the message I send
Shall part but love you to my very end