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A Stroll on the Beach, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

A stroll on the beachA Stroll on the Beach, Michael Peter Ancher (1896)

A Stroll on the Beach

Sea as quiet as can possibly be,
Listening but wind so still can’t be heard,
Nor the many birds which hover the sea,
Amongst us barely was spoken a word.

The still brought a quietness to each heart.
Ever so thankful to share cherished time.
Knowing at next sunrise we all must part.
This captured precious moment so sublime.

This best of time knows no special season.
To see and to touch is ample enough,
Beyond this need not another reason.
All are silent as parting will be tough.

Sharing deep friendship is beyond compare,
Once again together is their prayer.

Leaf on a River, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Leaf on a RiverRiver Study, J Laurence Hart (n.d.)

Leaf on a River

My heart as a leaf flows with the river
No port of call is currently listed
Nor stopping to be a solemn griever
River doesn’t yield, heart cannot be bided

Know not where or when the river will end
Heart was once green now a sullen yellow
Never made a choice of lover or friend
Can’t remember ever being a foe

This water journey thought to be unique
Soon found that countless millions are alike
With nothing of great importance to speak
Nor a vein of richness ever to strike

Who determines what someone’s life is worth
Should we be celebrating any birth