To Fix a Wounded Heart, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

To Fix a Wounded Heart

To Fix a Wounded Heart

His heart wallows in the cold stoned tower
Recovering from her piercing arrow
Not again to seek her perfumed flower
Relief gained if there is no tomorrow

A moat and wall around him has been built
Guarded to keep him in and others out
Soon all things about him begin to wilt
Without her his feelings are in a drought

Lying as if lifeless upon his cot
He can hear the birds as they fly above
His memories, he can forget them not
To repair his heart he must have her love

Must fill in the moat and tear down the gate
Readying his stead to gallop away
With a posy in hand to change his fate
In the cold tower his heart will not stay

Will defend his heart to her that it’s true
Will never take their romance for granted
Will feel their romance will never be through
Will love her still, even if rejected

My Love So Near, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

My Love So NearA Classical Beauty (detail), Léon François Comerre (c. 1900)

My Love So Near

Was greeted by her glowing smile
Her teeth white as a winter snow
Her lips red as a summer rose

Willingly comes into my arms
I feel the softness of her scent
I feel the warmth of her caress

Stepping back so our eyes could meet
Her eyes soft blue-green as the sea
Her hair yellow as ripened corn

Placing my hands upon her face
I feel her skin of woven silk
I feel the dew upon her lips

This sensation that I now hold
Creates a glow within my heart
Eager for her lips to unfold

Eyes, the Pathway to the Heart, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Eyes the Pathway to the Heart

Eyes, the Pathway to the Heart

Love to study your eyes in the day light
Twinkling coded messages that they send
Even you cannot keep them from my sight
Like crystal balls the future they portend

Does not matter that your eyes are sky blue
Only determined by what’s felt inside
Looking at you can see your heart be true
For your eyes glow when fully opened wide

Come very close and look into my eyes
Follow the path deeply into my heart
Can you now see that it wears no disguise
Can you see a reason we’d ever part

In loving the eyes have so much to say
A special look many hearts they can sway



Beauty Greater than Venus, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Beauty Greater than Venus

Beauty Greater than Venus

It was just the early side of midnight
A spot of light was captured by my eye
Appeared to be dancing with great delight
Inquisitive me needed to know why

Pushed and was pushed through the constellation
Never once did my eye lose its focus
The closer I came its light was a sun
With such a lush beauty that is boundless

Her gravity pulls me in her orbit
Always in position to see her face
Greater than Venus did she exhibit
My weakened heart she did quickly encase

Love knows not a certain distant or pace
Can capture your heart in the strangest place

Matters of the Heart, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Matters of the HeartSeparation, Edvard Munch (1896)

Matters of the Heart

Love is complicated to say the least.
Can tear at your heart like a hungry beast.
Then feeling the softness of pillows fleeced,
Yet to find in moments your heart increased.

Love is a giant roller coaster ride,
Feeling a high then quickly down you slide.
There are moments of feeling harm of pride,
Then there are times when you feel dead inside.

Is it best to not love at any cost?
Shielding your seeking heart with bitter frost,
Turning away for fearing of love lost,
Into a trash heap your heart to be tossed.

Love that lasts for just a single moment,
Is better than spending life in torment.

The Secret, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The SecretThe Secret, Dorothy Landau (n.d.)

The Secret

Sitting silently, just beyond her touch.
All to be heard is, the whispering wind.
O to say to her “I love you so much,
Your heart over mine shall be ever pinned!”

We would meet in, the shade of this oak tree,
To behold feelings, yet to be explained.
With each touch, helped to solve this mystery
Finally understood, our hearts were linked!

On that special day, ivy we did plant,
That to each other, we shall ever cling
Love so deep, neither ever to recant
Love so sweet, it makes all the angels sing

Pain I feel unable to kiss your nape
But from this place there will be no escape

Sunset over the Sea, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Sun Setting on the ShoreSunset over the Sea, William Pye (1900)

Sunset over the Sea, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Dusk adds fine colors to sky of summer
Ferocious white capped waves bring on a chill
A setting sun removes ocean’s glimmer
Near water’s edge they place firewood with skill

With deftness of hand there soon will be heat
For they had done this countless times before
This night is strange, cannot accept defeat
Is this not the place they had called their shore

Maybe a new way was necessary
They restack the wood a different way
Flame was weak making them rather wary
Without affront a wave took all away

Motionlessly starring at each other
Each walked away without any anger