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At the Seashore

William Henry Margetson, The Seashore (1900)

At the Seashore, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The spirit of the moment grabs my soul
For the quiet wind does not sing a song
While the still water wishes to console
And the silky sand is minus its throng

Looking out in search of the water’s end
Its stillness awaiting for me to speak
Eager as the ear of a dearest friend
Offering needed comfort that I seek

To its vastness confession I offer
Of my many wrongs I’m wishing to right
Of someone’s warmth requesting to enter
Ridding the fright suffered alone each night.

There’s much comfort to be had at the beach
In solitude to the water to talk.
But greater joy is a hand I can reach
To grasp while along the seashore we walk